4 things that need to be considered by the printer tenant to avoid crusial things.

Often we ignore some important details about the ins and outs of printer rentals. So often feel very disadvantaged by the decision taken. It is important for our long life business to did the next. Dont avoid each the details something in the business. Therefore consider the following 4 things below.

1. Quality Need

to be considered between our needs and the quality of the printer rental. All that must be done to avoid crusial things to the printer. For example if you want good quality color prints, then choose Epson brand printers that have a maximum resolution of 5760. While the HP and Canon brands only have a resolution of 4,800 max. In terms of endurance, it cannot be doubted, even though the price is the most expensive among Canon and HP brand printers. While the Canon and HP brands that have good excess print speeds per minute are easily damaged. Therefore, choose according to your needs. So it does not seem detrimental.

2. Rental agreement

The agreements must also be considered. Don’t be careless. So that someday when a problem occurs on the printer, it can be resolved properly. Given that the printer is one of the hardware that is often problematic. If the rental owner makes little confusing decisions, then it should be reprimanded carefully. For example, if the lease has not matured suddenly requested to return or unknown damage occurs. Then it needs understanding between the two parties. For the sake of the survival of each other’s interests. Never think of cheating or destroying one’s business. Because it’s not good.

3. Prices

Paying Attention and comparing prices at other rental places is necessary. Don’t get too expensive with a long enough period of time. This is just a waste time that must be avoided. Moreover, Ther students who still lack. You need to be smart about renting a printer. It is more crusial to rented for 2 months, but damaged when used for 2 days. Prices that match the condition of the printer are important. So it’s not harmful.

4. Period of Use

The life or durability of the printer is quite a major factor that needs attention. Do not be prone to errors, so if we rent for 3 months for example, to complete many tasks. Then it might be damaged. This will throw away our energy and mind and material for the sake of tasks that have accumulated. So as to make it out of focus and wrong. As a result, It was forced to receive a lot of damage

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