5 Things You dont Knowing of Airplane Mode. Let check up!

The Airplane mode is one of the mode that we often encounter with almost all types of cellphones. Since the days of the old feature phones, this mode has existed up to today’s smartphones is still very easy to find it. It is actually intended for safety mode while on a plane for  the goal is that the user can still using it without fear of disrupting the aircraft’s communication system while flying. But apparently this airplane mode function isn’t just that! The following, 5 airplane mode functions that you may rarely know before ..

 1. Save battery

With activating this mode, surely the signal will stop and it turning out to has an impact on battery power. By activating this mode, the battery will automatically save power because the phone does not work fully to find the signal, what else is the Internet network. Many battery power can Signal take comsumption.

2. Avoiding interference

By activating airplane mode, we will avoid unwanted interference. For example, when driving, you will not receive messages or telephones from other people, because your cellphone signal or network is interrupted.

3. Speed ​​up battery charging

Do you know if it turns out that by activating this feature, you can speed up battery charging? This happens because when airplane mode is activated, all connections such as internet, Wi-Fi, to GPS, and locations will be automatically deactivated. Of course with a cellphone that doesn’t work fully, it will make the phone save battery and charge faster.

4. Cool the cellphone

With the phone not working fully, the cellphone will automatically cool down and the processor only runs offline applications, without being connected to the Internet. Thus the cellphone will feel cooler, besides that the performance of the cellphone will also be faster without lag. In fact, if the cell phone has excess temperature, then of course this will be very dangerous to the components in it. In the end it can cause a damaged cellphone.

5. Make the signal stronger

When your phone is in a weak state, you should activate this mode so the phone will restart the network. Now, when the cellphone restarts the network will look for the source of the strongest network, so the cellphone through this mode the cellphone signal can become stronger. However, this also depends on the location and SIM card you use. How to activate airplane mode, then wait for approximately 5-10 seconds, then release the airplane mode again. Wait until it finds the interrupted

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