Before Buying a Smartphone, please check up 5 Important things

Smartphone vendors are competing to grab the attention of consumers by releasing sophisticated feature smartphones, but at affordable prices. The features in question include everything from dual cameras, bezeless screens, large capacity batteries to the processing technology that allowing smartphones to not be heat or strong enough to play heavy games. To know the many smartphone models that are now present in the market, consumers will be increasingly confused about which one to choose. Well, for those of you who intend to change smartphones to the latest models. There is a number of new features that need to be considered when buying a smartphone, in addition to RAM capacity.

1. Bezeless Screen

Almost all smartphones released at the end of 2017 or throughout 2018 have carried the concept of bezeless screens or minimized edges. With this kind of screen, there is no more Home button below the screen. With the body of the smartphone getting wider. The aspect ratio of the screen is made wider up to between 18: 9 and some are 19: 9. Not only that, the fingerprint is aquipped on the rear body.There are even smartphones that start presenting the fingerprint panel on the screen.

2. Face Security

Features Unlock Phil Schiller tells the sophistication of the iPhone X at the launch at the Steve Jobs Theater, California, Tuesday (12/9). The advantages of the iPhone X compared to other iPhones have Face ID, scanning faces to unlock the screen. The Another feature that is also being widely applied to a smartphone is the face scanner or face unlock security feature. This feature utilizes a selfie camera to recognize its users. By this face unlock feature, unlocking the smartphone can be easier, faster, and without the need for the user’s hand sweep.

3. Body and Design

pay attention to the appearance of the body, design, and color of the smartphone  more beautiful than before now. Well, this factor can be one of the things that pay attention  when choosing a smartphone. Currently there are enough vendors who use shiny gradation colors when exposed to sunlight. The smartphone body also has a glass coated so that it is more beautiful. There are also vendors who use glass materials to wrap smartphones.

4. Memory and Battery Capacity

Some applications that installing can be one of the causes of your smartphone being wasteful. Not only RAM, memory capacity and battery can be a reference for buying a smartphone. Especially for internal memory capacity. For example, many affordable smartphones are supported with a large enough memory. Well, users starting to need a large internal memory capacity, especially because many applications are downloaded and these applications require storage space. Well, if your smartphone’s memory is small. It will be difficult to have many applications or files. With a large battery capacity likewise. The big battery doesn’t only exist in flagship devices. The proof is a number of vendors began to present smartphones with large battery capacity. For 2018, smartphones with a battery capacity above 3,000mAh are now smartphone standards that can be used for everyday purposes.

5. Camera

The features are one of the main considerations for people to buy smartphones now. Currently, many vendors have equipped their devices with dual cameras including smartphones at affordable prices. Well, you can choose to have a smartphone with a dual camera either on the front or the back. The need to Selfie maybe choose a smartphone that is equipped with a dual camera on the front which is equipped with various beautify features and others.

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