By Laptop rental services, 4 creative things that must be prepared Now

Today many laptop rental services have sprung up everywhere. Therefore creativity and innovation need to be carried out by rental service providers. In order to be different from others is unique. The principle of customer satisfaction and comfort needs to be constantly considered and applied. For the sake of this kind of business progress. The following are things that need to be prepared.

1. Security

You must provide a license agreement letter to the tenant because Laptop rental business is very vulnerable to the level of loss, theft and damage. Therefore, preparing a special agreement document if the tenant wants a long rental period such as 1 week, 1 month, 2 months or even a year. This is to avoid substantial losses. Require E-KTP, Student Card, Birth Certificate and Identity A valid address for tenants is also the best way to apply. Especially if this kind of business is done in a big city, you need to be carefully.

 2. Supporting peripherals

It would be nice if the laptop that will be rented has been equipped with various peripherals such as headphones, USB, modem etc. for the convenience of tenants requires innovation and creation. So that the tenants maybe very comfortable with the laptop. It could be that is good way many tenants will be more comfortable to use it the next.

 3. Audio Visual Apps

Completing a laptop with software editing music and videos is a very good thing. So that tenants do not only physically use the laptop but can be creative through additional software programs embedded. More and more choices will be enjoyed by tenants. So not only do you need ms.Word, but you can try many things on your laptop at other times.

4. Content of Multimedia

Equipping laptops with hundreds of music, movies and ebooks has added value in the eyes of tenants and impresses professionals. So tenants have a lot of convenience and access to entertainment that is quite good. So they do not seem bored in using the laptop. Sometimes they can spoil their eyes and no longer bother to enter music and movies to enjoy.

 5. Games

Don’t forget to equip with a variety of game apps. Especially if the tenant is a hobby of games, he might rent his laptop annually. In the business world customer satisfaction and comfort need to be considered because many provider laptop rental businesses are everywhere. So that competition is getting tighter. Then don’t forget to always innovate.

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