This moment Turning to Lenovo Mobile Phone 2. Make you luckily get.

One of the cellphone manufacturer  from China is Xiaomi. However, currently not only Xiaomi is developing and offers mobile phones with very attractive features. One of them is ZUK.  The name Lenovo Zuk itself is  because Lenovo partnered with Qihoo 360 actually. But the difference here Lenovo is only an investor and does not have a share in the design and features of ZUK. The first product from Zuk and currently the only one being marketed is ZUK Z1. This product is the first product after ZUK was established in April 2014. After the launch in China in April  a few days ago. It was immediately launched for global markets such as Europe, Hong Kong, Arabic and is now being marketed in Indonesia. For in Europe alone, this ZUK Z1 actually became the first-ranked top-selling smartphone that was only priced at a price range of USD 300 to USD 400. Various things can be an advantage from this one cellphone to be a reliable competitor from Xiaomi.

 1. Design

Design owned by ZUK Z1 is not thin, but it will be very comfortable to use. Aluminum aviation grade is used as a frame or frame from this one cellphone so it is very comfortable when used.

2. The screen

The ZUK Z1 measures 5.5 inches and is equipped with full HD resolution up to 1,920 × 1,080 pixels complete with a density of up to 401 ppi. The screen is complete with a scratch resistant dragon trail that can make the screen free of scratches. The advantage for the side of the screen is that the Z1 has an NTSC color gamut color setting that makes the image look bright and has the right contrast.

3. Appearance

For specifications that are owned by ZUK Z1 this is certainly not inferior when compared to the latest version of mobile phones. This Z1 will use 3 GB RAM, internal storage capacity of 64 GB RAM, and also complete with touch fingerprint sensor. At present ZUK Z1 is equipped with Android 5.1.1 OS or known as Cynoge.

 4. Camera

The Another complementary feature that is also owned by the Z1 is a clear camera because the main camera of the ZUK Z1 is 13 MP. With a variety of specifications and features obtained and applied to this one cellphone. It will certainly make you able to get a cellphone with an impressive appearance. In fact, this one cellphone is the most sought-after cellphone because it has complete features that will be your best gaming smartphone, in addition to affordable prices.

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