You need to choose 3 Places that really need a TV rental

Starting a Led Tv rental business needs to consider its strategic location for the opportunity to success is huge. It is not just detrimental to the condition of the location of the business place that access lack. Here are the places to try.

1. Boarding houses

It is undeniable that boarding houses are also often in need of entertainment. For example boarding around the market or campus. Everyone must want entertainment. But not all can buy Led Tv. Especially a student. It’s a good idea to open up leasing opportunities at boarding houses, considering the enthusiasm of  is also very high. The offer that needs to be done is to allow those who rent the LED TV to be used in a particular shared room. Of course with a fairly low fee per person for tenants to it is done by a lot of people. Imagine if they rent per year at a fantastic price. Obviously will get a big profit.

2. Entertainment Room

Provides a special room for entertainment such as Singing (karoeke) is very suitable in a large city. Moreover, it is best located in a park or domestic tourist attractions. Singing facilities that are needed one of them are Led Tv, system and mikerofon. For rental payments, it is expensive. Usually Rp100 thousand per 2 hours can even be more. The Young people have a high interest in karoke entertainment. Weekly night is the most appropriate moment to make a profit. Especially when the broken heart season is confused. Prepare to accommodate the single teens aspirations with rupiah coffers.

3. The Village of Led Tv rental

business is not always successful in big cities. Many thorns always stab there. Tight competition and security often become a considerable obstacle. It’s good to think creatively by opening a business in the village. Especially if the village is remote, but PLN is available. So the best way is to rent out to the community. We only need 1 Led Tv and Prabola as the broadcast recipient. There will be a lot of people who are happy if there is a place to enjoy horror films and so on. The offer was made by renting one LED Tv to 6 families or one RT. Surely they like watching together. Moreover, it is relatively cheap per person. However, for rental service providers, they receive a fantastic profit. It would be even more interesting if we provide  TV channel rental services in the village. Surely the husband don’t sleep fast for the birth rate is slightly decreased

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