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Inle Lake, watches exotic cultural floating life in Myanmar's mountains

Inle Lake is a freshwater lake in Nyaungshwe, Taunggyi District, Shan State, as Myanmar's second largest lake in an area of 116 square kilometers (44.9 square miles) at an altitude of 800 meters (2,900 feet) in the Shan Mountains. A 5-kilometer canal suddenly leads to a vast lake and many villages on stilts and floating parks with mountain scenery.

The water depth is 2.1 meters (7 feet) and deepest point is 3.7 meters (12 feet), but in the rainy season it becomes 3.5 meters and deepest point is 4.7 meters. Fishermen throw cone-shaped bamboo down to trap the fish. The watersheds are mostly located in the north and west of the lake, then out to Nam Pilu in south and beach to the west.

Inle Lake is not large, but contains a number of endemic species where more than 20 species of snails and 9 species of fish. The ecosystem holds about 20,000 chocolate and black seagulls in November, December and January during seasonal migration.

A number of festivals are held from August to October i…
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Sombori islands, underwater paradise and mysterious caves among cliff walls

Sombori islands is a marine conservation area of 41,342 hectares in Mbokitta Village, Menui Sub-district, Morowali District, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia, where underwater, cliffs, white sand and ancient caves are very beautiful and mysterious. If lucky you will watch the horde of dolphins who are chasing fish.

Sombori is not a single island, but a constellation of uninhabited coral islands and others are inhabited by fishermen. Exotic coral cliffs on the right and left with a choppy sea, yet a stretch of calm water and white sand on the inside of the area.

The Sombori complex consists of a stunning cluster of coral islands where only the reefs stand out, while the other is a large coral island overgrown with shady trees as a place for birds to perch and the path of seasonal migration.

The sea water is very clear as a snorkling and diving paradise to watch the underwater scenery. Various colors and shapes of coral animals swim along the traveler's view. If lucky, you will see the d…

Cristo Rei of Dili statue stands on hill of Fatucama peninsula in Timor Leste

Cristo Rei of Dili or Christ the King of Dili is a statue of Jesus built in 1996 on the hill of Fatucama, east of Dili, Timor leste, as a reminder of East Timor's integration into Indonesia. The 27-meter (88.6 ft) statue represents East Timor as Indonesia's 27th province at the time and since most people embrace the Catholic religion.

The hilly area is low, but has other higher hill areas. Ramelau hill in the eastern region as far as 16 kilometers stood Mary statue. Cristo Rei is the second largest statue of Jesus in the world after Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with a height of 36 meters on the hill.

The Cristo Rei complex is a sacred area used by people to offer prayer offerings for the sake of salvation. The statue stands on a hill towards the blue sea where the white sandy beach stretch creates a very beautiful panorama where visitors climb 500 stairs.

The statue was designed by Mochamad Syailillah and inaugurated by President Soeharto as a gift from the I…

Myanmar announced it would build ski resort on Mount Khakaborazi

Myanmar government announced it would soon build a ski resort in the town of Naungmung on Mount Khakaborazi. Myanmar's hotel and tourism ministry says a ski resort will be built the highest iceberg in Kachin State and the construction phase can begin this year which is currently negotiating with Australian investors.

Mount Khakaborazi or also known as Hkakabo Razi is located in the town of Naungmung in the state of Kachin in northern Myanmar. The mountain has a height of 5881 meters (19,295 ft) as the highest mountain in Southeast Asia and the government in 1996 established as Khakaborazi National Park occupies 3,810 square kilometres (1,472 sq mi).

"The plan to create a ski resort on Mount Khakaborazi has been long since we are negotiating with investors from Australia for this project," said U Ohn Maung, union minister of hotel and tourism.

"Tourists are tired of visiting crowded cities, they want to do trekking and mountain biking, they are also very interested t…

Komodo dragons increases on small islands in Komodo National Park

The population of Komodo Dragon in remote islands in West Nusa Tenggara is increasing. Head of authority of Komodo National Park, Sudiyono, said the population of Varanus komodoensis until 2017 reached 3,012 individuals where the previous year also had the same amount.

The number of giant lizards has a tendency to rise, especially in the small islands of Gili Motang and Nusa Kode. Sudiyono said the ancient animal populations living only in Labuan Bajo, West Manggarai regency, remained stable, but the data inventory still continued on the islands of Padar, Gili Motang, Nusa Kode, Komodo and Rinca.

Komodo dragons are still stable which means it can decrease due to adulthood on the brink of death and can also increase due to prolific aging of productive dragons. The survival of Komodo dragons is based on the stratum where adult Komodo dragons dominate the smalls.

"There is a large row of Komodo dragons that have a certain amount and dominate the small dragons, but when on the verge …

German passport most strongest in world by Henley Passport Index 2018

German passport returns as 'the strongest passport' in the world this year. Germany became the country with the most influential passport data version released by the Henley Passport Index 2018. The country has five times in a row ranked at the top of the list.

The strength of German passports means that citizens can enter hundreds of countries without having to apply for visas. The Henley Passport Index is ranked based on data obtained from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) as the organization that has been processing data on world transportation.

Last year, German citizens were able to enter without a visa to 176 countries and this year added one country to 177 countries, while the 2nd place was occupied by Singapore with 176 visa-free countries. In October 2017 Arton Capital released a list that puts Singapore on the top of the list.

Indonesian passports are ranked 72nd in the list of Henley Passport Index 2018 with Azerbaijan, Cape Verde Islands, Cuba and …