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Betung Kerihun National Park

Taman Nasional Betung Kerihun is a conservation area covering 8,000 square kilometers in Kapuas Hulu regency, West Kalimantan, has a hilly topography of Muller stretch that connects Mount Betung and Mount Kerihun as a barrier between parts of Indonesia and Malaysia. The area has hundreds of small and large river network in a large system Kapuas watershed.

Betung Kerihun National Park is a protected natural area in Embaloh Hulu district, Embaloh Hilir district and Putussibau district in Kapuas Hulu regncy, West Kalimantan, has a long narrow shape layout and bordering Sarawak in Malaysia to the north.

Tinuku Travel Kerihun Betung National Park, wonders Borneo jungle and Leptobrachella myorbergi as world smallest frog

Residents in and around forest areas generally are Dayak. In the western part of the national park mostly Dayak Iban and Dayak Tamambaloh, while at the center of most of the Dayak Bukat, and in the eastern part is the Dayak Punan. They built Homestay and provide porters, longboat, and sells woven fabric Borneo, wicker and wood carvings.

Forests are grouped into eight types of ecosystems is the Low Land Dipterocarp Forest, Alluvial Forest, Swamp Forest, Old Secondary Forest, Hill Dipterocarp Forest, Limestone Forest, Sub-Montane Forest and Montane Forest occupies transboundary conservation first in Asia and has unique biodiversity.

Low Land Dipterocarpaceae Forest has largest share and diversity Dipterocarpus, Dryobalanops, Hopea, Parashorea, Shorea, Vatica and others. Amyxa pluricormis relatives Agarwood tree (Aquilaria spp) as endemic to Borneo and single clan, also banana Musa lawitiensis and some kind of new findings as Neo uvaria, Acuminatissima, Castanopsis inermis, Lithocarpus phillipinensis, Chisocheton caulifloris, Eugenia spicata and Shorea peltata.

Dipterocarpaceae has 121 kinds of total 267 species that grow in Borneo, Shorea genus has more than 30 species, Euphorbiaceae (73 species), Clusiaceae (33 species), Burseraceae (30 species), and Mrytaceae (28 species). Primary tropical forest in the national park has an important role in the world fanua.

More than 48 species of mammals have been recorded are Harimau Dahan (Muntiacus muntjak), Kijang Emas (Mutiacus atherodes), Sambar (Cervus sp), hare (Tragulus Napu) and otter (Lutra sumatrana) declared endangered by IUCN appeared to still be encountered.

More than 7 species of primates are Borneo orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus), Kelempiau (Hylobates muelleri), Hout (Presbytis frontata), Seaman (Presbytis rubicunda), Macaca nemestrina, Macaca fascicularis and tarsiers (Tarsius bancanus).

More than 4,000 specimens of fish from 123 stations in 35 large and small rivers find 112 fish species in 41 genera and 12 families, while 14 of them are endemic to Borneo. More than 170 species of insects have been identified.

The group includes 301 species of birds identified in 151 genera and 36 families, while 15 species are migrants and 24 species are endemic to Borneo. Birds the new finding is Acciper nisus, Dendricitta cinerascens, Ficedula parva, Luscinia calliope, Pycononotus flasvescent and Rhinomyas brunneata. Hornbill (Buceros vigil) became the mascot fauna of West Kalimantan. Travel Kerihun Betung National Park, wonders Borneo jungle and Leptobrachella myorbergi as world smallest frog

Amphibians and reptiles of 1,500 specimens recorded 51 species of amphibians, 26 species of lizards, two species of crocodiles, three species of turtles and 21 species of snakes. Amphibians most special is finding the smallest frog in the world is Leptobrachella myorbergi has a size of one centimeter.

Location: Embaloh Hulu district, Embaloh Hilir district and Putussibau district, Kapuas Hulu regency, West Kalimantan.

Activity: Swimming, fishing, trekking, hiking, camping and hammocking. Explore the flora and fauna. Explore ethnography, archeology, architecture, culture and culinary. Seeing sunset and sunrise, hunting photography and videography, and others.

Routes and public transport: All flights to Pangsuma Airport in Putussibau city. Then use semi-longboat to scour Kapuas river, Sibau river and Mendalam river for 5 hours.

Another alternative flights to Supadio Airport in Pontianak city, then use car to Putussibau city for 18 hours.

Contact: Balai Besar Taman Nasional Betung Kerihun.
Jl. Piere Tendean No. 100, Komplek Kodim 1206, Putussibau, Kalimantan Barat Phone +6256722282, Fax +6256721935



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