Elo river rafting

Elo river rafting is down to Elo river has rapids grade 2 to 3 in Mungkid district, Magelang regency, Central Java, which presents a challenging adventure and scenery. Start point in the Blondo village and finish point in the Mendut village around Borobudur temple passing lanes along 10 kilometers within 1.5 hours to 2 hours.

Elo river rafting offers rafting adventure on Elo river which have stable water discharge that can be forded every year. Adventure travel a distance of 10 km in a time between 2.5 to 3 hours depending on water flow. Elo river rafting starts from Blondo Bridge in Blondo village as the starting point of all Elo rafting operators and ended up in Mendut village not far from Borobudur Temple.

Tinuku Elo river rafting down river class 2 to 3 around Borobudur temple and if lucky watch monitor lizard on rocks

Inflatable boats faster and more challenging when the rainy season as the water flows more rapidly and more wild, but the rafting slower when the dry season is water low so the rafters could be watching the panorama is beautiful and everything is on the banks for observing the morphology of the river.

More than five spot rapids on Elo river safe for beginners. The rafters do not have a chance to be bored during the trip. Beautiful scenery, lots of water spider around the edges of river and if lucky can see large masses of water monitor lizard between rocks of the river.

Some of the narrow river channel and the rafters got off the boat to do body rafting follow the river flow by relying float style. The line was long and engrossing, the rafters like to follow the waterboom, but do in nature.

Location: Elo river, Mungkid district, Magelang regency, Central Java. Start point in Blondo village and finish in Mendut village.

Activity: Rafting, swimming, trekking, hiking. Hunting photography and videography, and others.

Tinuku.com Elo river rafting down river class 2 to 3 around Borobudur temple and if lucky watch monitor lizard on rocks

Complementary facilities: Services rafting tours are widely available in Yogyakarta city to prepare accommodation and facilities such as transportation to the location, dining, toilet, photo and video documentation, certificate. Rafting equipment provided including riverboats, personal floating device, paddle, helmet and throwing bag.

Rafting service provider will appoint one of a professional to guide activities as skipper and some people act as a rescue team. Some of the personal equipment that must be prepared, including personalized medicine, waterproof shoes, toiletries, clothes and other equipment needed.

Reach access: 37 km from Yogyakarta city.

Routes and public transport: All flights to Adisucipto Airport in Yogyakarta city. If taking the bus from Yogyakarta to the Jombor Bus Terminal to Semarang city, but down in Blondo town then to Dusun Pare in location.