Beginner solo traveling tips for exploring Flores

Solo traveling to Flores has a lot of unexpected where travelers will meet many people from various tribes. Sometimes also have to fight the anxiety as it passes the winding land. But it is clear that solo traveling allows you to freely take the decision to stop at the destination without consideration of others.

The people of East Nusa Tenggara destinations are very friendly and exploring this beautiful area is very easy if you know how to do it. Before making a solo trip to Flores, it is necessary to consider some of the following tips:

Xvlor Beginner solo traveling tips for exploring Flores

Prepare doubled budget

Solo traveling wherever it takes a double budget where travelers are unlikely to share cost with anyone to rent rooms, local transportation and so on.

Landed in Labuan Bajo as starting point

Labuan Bajo is a city on the western tip of Flores and Komodo International Airport is a great start to access overland or down the Flores plains easier than landing in other areas.

Choose hostel, not hotel and motel

Hostel is a dorm-like lodging residence and is commonly found in Labuan Bajo Town. Staying at a hostel is cheaper than hotels and motels. Roughly around Rp100.000 (US$7.30) per person. You will not feel alone because every dorm is generally for 4-10 people.

Find friends in hostels to explore overland

You will meet many travelers in hostels where they are generally also solo traveling. Take one or two of them down the Flores from Labuan Bajo to Larantuka and beyond. You will reduce transportation costs if you have travel partners through sharing cost.

Use flight from district to district

Flores is very wide and reaching every region takes tens of hours. You may consider boarding a plane for efficiency where it is cheaper than a land transport agent or a private car hire. Labuan Bajo to Bajawa has flight ticket of about Rp200.000 (US$14.6) to Rp300.000 (US$21.9) for 50 minutes, while land transport agents for the same route about Rp300.000 (US$21.9) to Rp400.000 (US$29.2) for 11-16 hours.

Motorbike rental and motorbike taxi

Tourist attractions in Flores are mostly in remote areas and must pass through slippery, winding, and hilly paths like Kelimutu. Motorcycle rental in Flores is around Rp 80.000 (US$5.8) to Rp100.000 (US$7.3) per day, while motorcycle taxi fare is around Rp100.000 (US$7.3) to go-and-back.

Prepare two card provider

Not all places in Flores are covered by mobile operators. It's very easy for you where the mobile card is easy to find and the cost is very cheap. Purchase an internet package where you can easily access Google Maps and give news to family at home.

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