Udang Selingkuh

Udang Selingkuh or Selingkuh shrimp is selingkuh shrimp (Cherax) based cuisine in Wamena as part of the Baliem Valley highlands in Jayawijaya Regency, Papua Province, Indonesia. These shrimp are usually cooked in a variety of techniques including boiled or fried to be served with spices, oyster sauce, butter sauce, and papaya flowers or kale leaves.

Xvlvor Udang Selingkuh dish is river lobster cuisine by Papuans in Baliem Valley

The dish of selingkuh shrimp is the name for typical cuisine in the highlands of the Baliem Valley at an altitude of 1,550 meters to 1,600 meters. Cherax albertisii resemble sea lobster, but has a large claw like crabs and live in fresh water in the rivers that drain water from the Jayawijaya Mountains in the interior of Papua.

Basically shrimp affair is a type of crayfish, blue and will turn orange after cooking. People call it freshwater crayfish. Meat has a lobster-like, solid, fibrous, soft, and sweet-tasting texture. All parts are served except the head, the claw is the most delicious.

This dish is very popular in Wamena where local people find shrimp in the rivers and lakes of the Baliem Valley by fishing and crawling, but some others cultivate. Lake Paniai, Lake Tigi, and Lake Tage also produce selingkuh shrimp.

Shrimp fried in oil or margarine, then onions, garlic, tomatoes and red peppers. After the red color added acid water, salt, sugar, and sauce. Shrimp can also be boiled in a dish of sauce using oyster sauce or butter sauce.

Papuans usually serve selingkuh shrimp with sauté flower papaya, kale leaf and a glass of eggplant juice. Many restaurants in Wamena City serve this menu, including Blambangan Restaurant, Hotel Baliem Pilamo Restaurant and Nusantara Restaurant where 5 to 6 large shrimp each serving.

Shrimp are known to be high-calorie, but the selingkuh shrimp has 106 calories per 100 grams or relatively low, otherwise it contains high calcium and protein that is not found in many shrimp. Freshwater crayfish is a good choice for low-calorie diet programs.

Xvlor.com Udang Selingkuh dish is river lobster cuisine by Papuans in Baliem Valley

Location: Wamena City, Jayawijaya Regency, Papua Province.

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