Crispy pata

Crispy pata is a deep-fried pork leg dish as authentic cuisine by Filipinos consisting of fried pork trotters or knuckles served with soy vinegar sauce and papaya leaf pickles as a feast meal and daily dish. Many restaurants serve a boneless crispy pata, but there is nothing nobler if it does not include bones at once.

Crispy pata is a famous Filipino pork heaven dish using whole pig's feet. Pata is a tagalog language referring to the legs and is cooked to be tender in boiling water along with other spices. Then doused with spices and fried until the texture becomes very crunchy.

Xvlor Crispy pata is deep-fried pork leg dish authentic cuisine by Filipinos

Pork knuckles are deep fried after boiling gently to produce a revelation, a thin, crispy skin wrapped in a fatty interior and sticky, gelatinous meat. This dish is presented as a main course with green papaya pickles and sauces made from soy sauce, vinegar, brown sugar and chopped onion as a national pride.

Crispy pata is served at restaurants on Luzon Island which is often paired with adobo rice and in a long history in Manila these foods are cooked from soaked or permed meat like corned beef eaten at dance parties.

The food is not simple though it looks served in the dish as a contrasting view between the crispy exterior and the delicious interior. The most common carelessness is cooking for more fire and the meat becomes dry where the mass is not consumed.

The next mistake is to remove the pata before cooking. Many restaurants have done this in the hopeless hope of lifting into something that is considered elegant. Some chefs can do this right, but result in loss of taste and moisture.

Every Filipino restaurant tends to have a serving version and many freeze boiled knuckles in preparation for frying. Another common mistake is the dish has cool interior collagen and unexpected fat along with warm skin that should require crispness.

Crispy pata requires at least a whole pig's feet, dried laurel leaves, peppercorns, pepper powder, salt, garlic, soy sauce, baking soda and water. Pata was cleaned and made a crack on each side without cutting the bone in a large pot of water and spices to boil with a large flame and boil and then baking soda added.

The meat is really tender to drain. The next step is to prepare enough cooking oil to fry over medium heat until golden brown and crunchy. Hot dish on plate include sauce and can add added garlic, onion and chili. Crispy pata is deep-fried pork leg dish authentic cuisine by Filipinos

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