Eiger team will climb Mount Hkakabo Razi by 2020

The Eiger Adventure Service Team will climb Mount Hkakabo Razi in Myanmar by 2020. Expedition teams from Indonesia's tropical outdoor outfitters and equipment brand on Wednesday announced plans to climb one of the most dangerous mountains in the world and will involve international climbers.

"Climbing Mount Hkakabo Razi is heavy, it takes 15-19 days through the forest to the base camp .. We want to Hkakabo Razi in 2020," said Arif Husein, Marketing Communications Manager Eigerindo Multi Industrial Products as the Eiger brand holder in a press conference, Wednesday.

Xvlor Eiger team will climb Mount Hkakabo Razi by 2020

Husein said Mount Hkakabo Razi or Hhakaborazi has a spectacular combination of tropical forests and snow. Climbing Mount Hkakabo Razi has been planned since 2014 and the Eiger has taken into account all the dangers during the mission. The team has created a steering committee and will be filled by 7 people from 7 countries and 7 communities.

"Ambition and prestige. Need preparation and awe. We want to climb internationally, we want to gain knowledge from other climbers," said Galih Donikara from Eiger Adventure Service Team.

"Hkakabo Razi is very interesting and dangerous in the northeastern end of the Himalayas and the jungle. This year we will survey to the starting point and cooperate between governments," Donikara said.

Mount Hhakaborazi (5,881 meters) is among the world's mountain of tropical and snow characteristics on the border of Myanmar and China. Some of the recorded climbers have made it to the top including Japanese climbers Takashi Ozaki in 1996 and Myanmar. Some time ago a Myanmar climber was missing in a climbing mission on the mountain.

This mountain has a logistical complexity of infrastructure scarcity causing climbers to struggle in the jungle for 20 days just to arrive at base camp. Hkakabo Razi has not been officially cited as the highest mountain in Southeast Asia, some say the highest mountain is Gamlang Razi.

"No one has managed to measure Hkakabo Razi's height," said U Paw Mint Yoo from Myanmar's Hiking and Mountain Federation.