Fish River Canyon Park

Fish River Canyon Park or Visrivier Canyon or Visrivier Afgronde is spectacular canyon with length of 160 kilometers (100 miles), width of 27 kilometers and depth of 550 meters in southern Namibia. A giant cliff is split by the River River which has a twisty groove on a dry and rocky plateau.

Fish River Canyon is a canyon where Fish River is in the interior as the longest river in Namibia carving jagged lanesep. Rivers run water intermittently and usually flood at the end of summer, but the rest of the year becomes a narrow and long pool. Erosion in the upper canyon is inhibited by hard rocks, while the lower canyon continues to be eroded through gneisses.

Xvlor Fish River Canyon Park is spectacular gorge in southern Namibia Fish River Canyon Park is spectacular gorge in southern Namibia

The upstream of the river flows through the horizontal dolomite strata where the metamorphic rock forms a canyon. The movement of the plates formed the northern area of the north where the ancient Fish River flowed and ultimately eroded the flatland dramatically at 650 million years ago.

Glaciation at about 300 million years ago as part of the Dyka glacier during the Karoo Ice Age deepened the canyon. About 60 million years ago, South America and Africa split up allowing the gradient of the river to scrape the lower canyons into hard gneis to form a winding feature as seen today.

Location: Namibia

Routes and public transport: Flights to Lüderitz Airport at Lüderitz Town or Hosea Kutako International Airport in Windhoek City, then drive to Hobas City. No public transportation in Fish River Canyon, travelers must rent four wheel drive cars and can be arranged with the hotel.

Advice: Buy a stick, sandals or strong shoes, and a waterproof bag. Ai-Ais Hot Springs at the bottom end of Fish River Canyon. The point of view is near Hobas and the camp 70 kilometers north of Ai-Ais. Fish River Canyon Ultra Marathon is an annual racing event since 27 August 2011 where the men cover 100 kilometers and women as far as 65 kilometers. Fish River Canyon Park is spectacular gorge in southern Namibia

Xvlor Fish River Canyon Park is spectacular gorge in southern Namibia

The Fish River Canyon trail and swim are very popular. The river flows stronger at the beginning of the season and in September it usually dries to form a stagnant pool chain. More than 20 crossings along the path and high water levels are of major concern. Water is safe to drink, but use of water-purifying tablets is highly recommended.

No facilities in the park and have to bring own needs. Hiking must get permission from Namibia Wildlife Resorts in Hobas for a group of 3 people up to 30 people, must be over 12 years old and a fitness certificate from a doctor. Permissions are issued between 1 May and 15 September only.

This canyon is part of the ǀAi-ǀAis/Richtersveld Transfrontier Park. Camps in the park include Ai-Ais and Hobas Campsite, while Lodging outside the park includes Cañon Lodge, Cañon Roadhouse, Fish River Lodge, and Vogelstrausskluft Lodge.