Lad is Eucheuma cottonii seaweed cooking as a delicious traditional food dish and side dishes by people in Kei Islands, Maluku Province, Indonesia. Fresh seaweed sauteed short with spices or mixed with grated coconut and green coconut where the people of Kei usually eat with rice and sea fish.

Lad is a popular cuisine in the Kei Islands in particular and Maluku in general where the delicious taste of fresh and freshly harvested E. cottonii makes appetite to be increased. Seaweed has a high protein content and as an alternative to the Kei community for nutritional adequacy in addition to marine fish.

Xvlor Lad is seaweed pickled dish by Malukas in Kei Islands

Kei people harvest seaweed directly from the sea for a long time, but now prefer to cultivate using long line construction offshore. Seaweed cultivation has become one of the alternative livelihoods of Maluku people besides fishermen. Seaweed is a variety of industrial materials including food, medicine and cosmetics.

Maluku is surrounded by sea and excellent water quality for seaweed growth. The waves are also not too strong so it does not make seaweed dirty and broken. Seaweed shoots are tied to construction and will be harvested at 1.5 months of age and washed using fresh water.

Usually people just need to wash the seaweed and then cook it without the need for a long process. Lat is served similar to pickles where seaweed is mixed with spices including mashed greens, crushed ginger, pieces of cayenne pepper, chopped garlic, onion chunks, tomato slices and lemon water.

The first step is to fry the spices briefly, then add the seaweed and a little water into the dish. Sometimes the lat is also served with grated coconut or mixed with green coconut and a number of spices for more fresh dishes. The fiber content in the seaweed is very high which makes this food feel longer in the stomach.

The best way to enjoy lat is with rice, sauce and grilled fish, but also very fresh as a snack with green coconut ice. Other foods made from seaweed are seaweed jelly candy, seaweed jelly beverage, sweet seaweed, seaweed pudding, seaweed ice, seaweed cocktail, seaweed syrup, seaweed chili sauce, and seaweed cheese sticks. Lad is seaweed pickled dish by Malukas in Kei Islands

Location: Kei Islands, Maluku, Indonesia.

Routes and public transport: Flights to Dumatubun Airport in Langgur City, Southeast Maluku.