Lechon kawali

Lechón kawali is a pork belly meat dish by Filipinos as a pride of Philippine national cuisine where Cebu is best known as the chef. In most areas it is prepared year-round for special events, festivals, and holidays where pigs are placed on charcoal.

But lechon kawali is cooked on a flaming fire through boiling and frying a delicious meal. Lechon kawali is a popular Filipino dish made from pork belly that is boiled until tender and then fried until golden and crisp.

Xvlor Lechon kawali is boiled-fried pork belly dish by Filipinos

Dishes wrapped in crispy skin and moist flesh produce each piece as a much-touted pork haven for the aroma fills the whole room. This dish resembles the famous Bagnet dish of Ilocanos. The main difference is Bagnet is drier, lighter, and cracked, while lechon kawali is crisp and moist.

Kawali is a Tagalog term referring to frying pans and dishes coming from which methods boil and fry pork belly especially in Bulacan. Lechon kawali can also be prepared using an oven. However, nothing is more authentic and genuine than using a kawali or frying process.

The meat is cut in a slab with whole skin for two processes is to boil until tender and fry in oil. The meat is boiled with some water in the pan and adds bay leaves, salt, and pepper to add more flavor after soaking. Meat is taken from water after tender, then drained until dry and cold.

Some salt is watered all over the meat and place it carefully into a baking pan filled with hot oil over the fire until it is crisp. When finished, the oil is left to drip and the meat is cut into pieces to be served with lechon sauce as a delicious meal.

Lechon kawali is usually served with sauce, and steamed rice. The Philippines consumes more pork than the global average in which every Filipino consumes about 14.2 kilograms of pork or two kilograms more than the average pork consumption in the world.

In total, Filipinos consume about 28.8 kilograms of meat each year including beef and chicken. By 2016, the Philippines produces nearly 5 million kilograms of meat or a total of about 4,958 metric tons. Pork is consistently the most widely produced meat, followed by chicken, beef and buffalo.

Xvlor.com Lechon kawali is boiled-fried pork belly dish by Filipinos

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