Meeshay or Mee Shay are Burmese dishes using rice noodles, pork, gravy, and fresh vegetables that are popular with Shan people in East Myanmar. This dish is also called pork noodles or pork ramen and has two major regional varieties are versions of Mogok Meeshay (Shan), Mandalay meeshay and Myay-oh meeshay.

Pork sauce usually accompanied by Mohnyin tjin is a popular Shan pickle made from mustard greens, carrots and other vegetables fermented in rice wine. Another similar cuisine for different dishes is the fried meeshay which also includes gravy.

Xvlor Meeshay is pork noodle dish by Shan people in Myanmar

Meeshay is a popular choice for breakfast, lunch and dinner for many people in cities in Myanmar. The restaurant chain devoted to Shan dishes is popular throughout the country where meeshay is one of the top choices by customers.

The Mogok Meeshay is a genuine version of Shan people where pork is cooked in a light broth with shallots and mixed with rice vermicelli, brown rice flour gel, sugarcane vinegar, soy sauce, fried peanut oil, chilli oil, crispy fried onions, leeks and cilantro.

Mandalay meeshay uses rice noodles, has thicker and fresher sauces and includes thick rice flour gloop, peanut oil, chilli oil, salted fermented soybeans, bean sprouts, daikon pickles, fried dough, garlic and coriander.

Myay-oh Meeshay or Claypot Meeshay is a Yunnan-inspired dish where rice noodles are cooked in clay pots. This dish has more soup and includes fresh vegetables, while using similar ingredients to the mogok meeshay.

Cooking mogok meeshay generally starts cooking rice noodles in boiling water for a few minutes until tender. Meanwhile, spices, pork and vegetables sauteed in oil and then added water and rice flour.

Meeshay is generally served in a bowl and the gravy is placed in a pan on a burning stove. The Burmese brought meeshay to the mouth using a pair of chopsticks. This dish is very easy to find in Myanmar and served in street food and restaurants in various versions. Meeshay is pork noodle dish by Shan people in Myanmar

Location: Shan State, Myanmar.

Routes and public transport: Flights to Heho Airport at Heho Town.

Advice: Meeshay is easy to find across the country, but Shan State is a genuine center.