Wet thar dote htoe

Wet Thar Dote Htoe or Pork on Stick is pork cooked with mild soy sauce and served with raw ginger and chili sauce as Myanmar native food. Pork placed on a bamboo cane usually also includes all parts such as intestine, liver, kidney, spleen, heart, lungs, tongue, skin and cartilage to be cooked in a large pan on a charcoal stove.

Wet thar dote htoe is a great dish served by a number of street vendors in busy downtown Yangon. Food can be found almost in every corner of the city as one of the popular dishes in the former capital of the country where the small crowd of small stools presents the delicacy of pierced meat and black sauce.

Xvlor Wet thar dote htoe is pork on stick on Yangon street food

The food is placed in a deep cauldron filled with soup spices and charcoal coals underneath to keep the heat. Around the cauldron is a row of pork on stick and small bowls of garlic and chilli as a spice.

Preparing wet thar dote htoe requires some simple process. The first thing is to clean all the meat very thoroughly, the next step is to slice the big meat into small pieces. Each piece is stabbed using a bamboo stick where each stick contains a line of meat.

The next step is to boil the meat for a certain time in a pot of water and add a touch of sugar, seasoning, and soy sauce before steaming the innards until cooked to a smooth flavor. The sauce is harvested from the vapor that appears at boiling by adding a little sugar and soy.

Wet thar dote htoe is displayed on top of a specially designed cushion as a pan cap, although each seller has variations in the presentation. Shoppers crowded around the buffet-style meal. Each stick is dipped in sauce before it is fed into the mouth.

In downtown Yangon the term "street food" has the meaning of a restaurant spilling from the sidewalk to the street. Myanmar has more than 135 ethnic and border groups with rich and eclectic China and India, including a variety of traditional dishes and one of them is wet thar dote htoe.

Xvlor.com Wet thar dote htoe is pork on stick on Yangon street food

Location: Yangon, Myanmar.

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