List of airports in Angola

Angola is generally a land country where almost all areas have connected transportation systems, but air transport is the best choice for travel efficiency, except for travelers who seek adventure along the seas, rivers and lakes or overland journeys.

Airports are spread over many where they have two types of services. International airport to serve international and domestic routes, while domestic airports only serve inter-regional routes in the country. Below is a list of active public airports in Angola. This list may increase considering that many new airports are still under construction or reduced due to many relocation plans.

Xvlor List of airports in Angola

City, airport name, IATA


Ambriz, Ambriz Airport, AZZ
Camembe, Camembe Airport
Luanda, Angola International Airport


Benguela, Benguela Airport, BUG
Catumbela, Catumbela Airport, CBT
Lobito, Lobito Airport, LLT


Andulo, Andulo Airport, ANL
Kuito, Kuito Airport, SVP


Cabinda, Cabinda Airport, CAB

Cuando Cubango

Cuito Cuanavale, Cuito Cuanavale Airport, CTI
Dirico, Dirico Airport, DRC
Menongue, Menongue Airport, SPP

Cuanza Norte

Camabatela, Camabatela Airport,
N'dalatando, N'dalatando Airport, NDF

Cuanza Sul

Porto Amboim, Porto Amboim Airport, PBN
Sumbe, Sumbe Airport, NDD
Waku-Kungo, Waco Kungo Airport, CEO


Ondjiva, Ondjiva Pereira Airport, VPE
Xangongo, Xangongo Airport, XGN


Huambo, Huambo Airport
Huambo, Albano Machado Airport, NOV


Jamba, Jamba Airport, JMB
Lubango, Lubango Airport, SDD


Luanda, Quatro de Fevereiro Airport, LAD

Lunda Norte

Cafunfo, Cafunfo Airport, CFF
Camaxilo, Camaxilo Airport
Dundo, Chitato Airport, PGI
Dundo, Camaquenzo Airport, DUE
Lucapa, Lucapa Airport, LBZ
Luzamba, Cuango-Luzamba Airport, LZM
Nzagi, Nzagi Airport, NZA

Lunda Sul

Cacolo, Cacolo Airport
Catoca, Catoca Airport
Saurimo, Saurimo Airport, VHC


Capanda Dam, Kapanda Airport, KNP
Malanje, Malanje Airport, MEG


Cangamba, Cangamba Airport, CNZ
Cazombo, Cazombo Airport, CAV
Luau, Luau Airport, UAL
Luau, Luau International Airport
Luena, Luena Airport, LUO
Lumbala N'guimbo, Lumbala Airport, GGC


Namibe, Namibe Airport, MSZ


Damba, Damba Airport
Maquela do Zombo, Maquela Airport
Negage, Negage Airport, GXG
Sanza Pombo, Sanza Pombo Airport
Toto, Xamindele Airport
Uíge, Uíge Airport, UGO


M'banza-Kongo, Mbanza Congo Airport, SSY
N'zeto, N'zeto Airport, ARZ
Soyo, Soyo Airport, SZA