List of airports in Bolivia

Bolivia is generally a land country where almost all areas have connected transportation systems, but air transport is the best choice for travel efficiency, except for travelers who seek adventure along the rivers, lakes or overland journeys.

Airports are spread over many where they have two types of services. International airport to serve international and domestic routes, while domestic airports only serve inter-regional routes in the country. Below is a list of active public airports in Bolivia. This list may increase considering that many new airports are still under construction or reduced due to many relocation plans.

Xvlor List of airports in Bolivia

City, airport name, IATA


Challapata, Challapata Airport

Andrés Ibáñez

Santa Cruz, Viru Viru International Airport, VVI
Santa Cruz, El Trompillo Airport, SRZ

Aniceto Arce

Bermejo, Bermejo Airport, BJO


Villa Aroma, Villa Aroma Airport

Bernardino Bilbao

Arampampa, Arampampa Airport


Uncía, Uncía Airport


Aiquile, Aiquile Airport


Rosapata, Rosapata Airport


Bulo Bulo, Bulo Bulo Airport


Trinidad, Tte. Av. Jorge Henrich Arauz Airport, TDD
La Habana, La Habana Airport
San Juan, San Juan Airport
Cochabamba, Jorge Wilstermann International Airport, CBB
Oruro, Juan Mendoza Airport, ORU
Tarija, Cap. Oriel Lea Plaza Airport, TJA


Chimore, Chimore Airport


Roboré, Roboré Airport, RBO
San José de Chiquitos, San José de Chiquitos Airport, SJS
Cañada Larga, Cañada Larga Airport
Chiquitos, Tres Cruces Airport


Camiri, Camiri Airport, CAM
Charagua, Charagua Airport
Itaguazurenda, Itaguazurenda Airport
Izozog, Izozog Airport
Taquipirenda, Taquipirenda Airport
Boyuibe, Boyuibe Airport


Samaipata, Samaipata Airport

Franz Tamayo

Apolo, Apolo Airport, APB
Ulla Ulla, Ulla Ulla Airport

Germán Busch

Puerto Suárez, Puerto Suárez International Airport, PSZ
Rincon del Tigre, Rincon del Tigre Airport

Gran Chaco

Villamontes, Tcnl. Rafael Pabón Airport, VLM
Yacuiba, Yacuiba Airport, BYC
Sanandita, Sanandita Airport


Ascención de Guarayos, Ascención de Guarayos Airport, ASC

Hernando Siles

Monteagudo, Monteagudo Airport, MHW


Caranda, Caranda Airport


El Dorado, El Dorado Airport
Ixiamas, Ixiamas Airport
Puerto Heath, Puerto Heath Airport
Madidi, Madidi Airport


Magdalena, Magdalena Airport, MGD
Baures, Baures Airport, BVL
Bella Vista, Irobi Airport
Buen Retiro, Buen Retiro Airport
Cachascani, Cachascani Airport

Huacaraje, Huacaraje Airport, BVK
Lago Huachi, Lago Huachi Airport
Laguna Portia, San Pedro del Rio Blanco Airport

José Ballivián

Reyes, Reyes Airport, REY
Rurrenabaque, Rurrenabaque Airport, RBQ
San Borja, Cap. Av. Germán Quiroga Guardia Airport, SRJ
Angora, Angora Airport
Buen Retiro Ballivian, Buen Retiro Ballivian Airport

Buena Hora, Buena Hora Airport
Coquinal, Coquinal Airport
El Salvador, El Salvador Airport
Fatima, Fatima Airport
Inglaterra, Inglaterra Airport

La India, La India Airport
Laguna Loa, Laguna Loa Airport
Puerto Cavinas, Cavinas Airport
Urusi, Urusi Airport
La Cañada, La Cañada Airport

José Miguel de Velasco

San Miguel de Velasco, San Miguel South Airport


Teoponte, Teoponte Airport

Los Andes

Laja, Laja Airport

Luis Calvo

El Porvenir Sur, El Porvenir Sur Airport
Tiguipa, Tiguipa Airport
Vuelta Grande, Vuelta Grande Airport

M. Caballero

Comarapa, Comarapa Airport

Madre de Dios

Blanca Flor, Blanca Flor Airport


San Joaquín, San Joaquín Airport, SJB
San Ramón, San Ramón Airport, SRD
Bella Union, Bella Union Airport
Choreti, Choreti Airport
Villa Elvira, Villa Elvira Airport

Manco Kapac

Copacabana, Copacabana Airport


Puerto America, Puerto America Airport
Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico Airport, PUR


El Triunfo, El Triunfo Airport

Modesto Omiste

Villazon, Villazon Airport


San Ignacio de Moxos, San Ignacio de Moxos Airport, SNM
El Cielo, Caigua Airport
Florencia, Florencia Airport
La Esperanza, La Esperanza Airport
San Lorenzo de Moxos, San Lorenzo Airport

San Pedro Salvatierra, San Pedro Salvatierra Airport
Santa Catalina, Santa Catalina Airport
Santiago, Santiago Airport
San Ignacito, San Ignacito Airport
Santa Juanita, Santa Juanita Airport

Nicolás Suárez

Cobija, Cap. Anibal Arab Airport, CIJ

Nor Lípez

Cerdas, Cerdas Airport,
San Cristóbal, Toldos Airport

Nor Yungas

Caranavi, Caranavi Airport


Charaña, Charaña Airport

Pedro Domingo Murillo

La Paz, El Alto International Airport, LPB


Uyuni, Uyuni Airport, UYU

Sud Chichas

Tupiza, Tupiza Airport

Sud Cinti

Culpina, Culpina Airport

Sud Lípez

Laguna Colorada, Laguna Colorada Airport
Laguna Verde, Laguna Verde Airport

Sud Yungas

Covendo, Covendo Airport
Santa Ana de Mosetenes, Santa Ana de Huachi Airport


Padilla, Padilla Airport

Tomás Frías

Potosí, Cap. Nicolas Rojas Airport, POI

Vaca Díez

Guayaramerín, Guayaramerín Airport, GYA
Riberalta, Riberalta Airport, RIB


Vallegrande, Cap. Av. Vidal Villagomez Toledo Airport, VAH


San Ignacio de Velasco, Capitán Av. Juan Cochamanidis Airport, SNG
Moira, Florida Airport


Santa Ana del Yacuma, Santa Ana del Yacuma Airport, SBL
Camiare, Camiare Airport
El Cairo, El Cairo Airport
El Desengaño, El Desengaño Airport
El Paraíso, El Paraíso Airport

El Peru del Apere, El Peru del Apere Airport
El Peru del Apere, San Carlos Gutierrez Airport
Espiritu, Bolivia, Espiritu Airport
Josuani, Josuani Airport
Nieve, Nieve Airport

Nuevo Mundo, Nuevo Mundo Airport
Palmira, Palmira Airport
Retiro, Retiro Airport
Rosal, Rosal Airport
Naciff, San Francisco Naciff Airport

Santa Rita, Santa Rita Airport
Santa Rosa, Santa Rosa Airport, SRB
Tiboy, Tiboy Airport
Venecia, Venecia Airport


Sucre, Alcantari airport, SRE

Ángel Sandoval

San Matías, San Matías Airport, MQK

Ñuflo de Chávez

Concepción, Concepción Airport, CEP
San Javier, San Javier Airport, SJV