List of airports in Madagascar

Madagascar is generally a land country where almost all areas have connected transportation systems, but air transport is the best choice for travel efficiency, except for travelers who seek adventure along the rivers and lakes, ferry to reach several small islands and overland journeys.

Airports are spread over many where they have two types of services. International airport to serve international and domestic routes, while domestic airports only serve inter-regional routes in the country. Below is a list of active public airports in Madagascar. This list may increase considering that many new airports are still under construction or reduced due to many relocation plans.

Xvlor List of airports in Madagascar

City, airport name, IATA

Ambanja, Ambanja Airport, IVA
Ambalavao, Ambalavao Airport
Ambatomainty, Ambatomainty Airport, AMY
Ambatondrazaka, Ambatondrazaka Airport, WAM

Ambilobe, Ambilobe Airport, AMB
Ambohijanahary, Ambohijanahary Airport
Ampampamena, Ampampamena Airport
Ampanihy, Ampanihy Airport, AMP

Amparafaravola, Amparafaravola Airport
Analalava, Analalava Airport, HVA
Andapa, Andapa Airport, ZWA
Andavadoaka, Andavadoaka Airport, DVD

Ankavandra, Ankavandra Airport, JVA
Ankazoabo, Ankazoabo Airport, WAK
Antalaha, Antsirabato Airport, ANM
Antanànarìvo, Ivato International Airport, TNR

Antsalova, Antsalova Airport, WAQ
Antsirabe, Antsirabe Airport, ATJ
Antsiranana, Arrachart Airport, DIE
Antsohihy, Ambalabe Airport, WAI

Bealanana, Ankaizina Airport, WBE
Bekily, Bekily Airport, OVA
Belo sur Tsiribihina, Belo sur Tsiribihina Airport, BMD
Befandriana-Avaratra, Befandriana-Avaratra Airport, WBD

Beroroha, Antsoa Airport, WBO
Besalampy, Besalampy Airport, BPY
Betioky, Betioky Airport, BKU
Betroka, Betroka Airport

Doany, Doany Airport, DOA
Farafangana, Farafangana Airport, RVA
Fianarantsoa, Fianarantsoa Airport, WFI
Ihosy, Ihosy Airport, IHO

Ilaka-Est, Atsinanana, Ilaka-Est Airport, ILK
Mahajanga, Amborovy Airport, MJN
Mahanoro, Mahanoro Airport, VVB
Maintirano, Maintirano Airport, MXT

Malaimbandy, Malaimbandy Airport, WML
Mampikony, Mampikony Airport, WMP
Manakara, Manakara Airport, WVK
Mananara Nord, Mananara Nord Airport, WMR

Mananjary, Mananjary Airport, MNJ
Mandabe, Mandabe Airport, WMD
Mandritsara, Mandritsara Airport, WMA
Manja, Manja Airport, MJA

Maroantsetra, Maroantsetra Airport, WMN
Miandrivazo, Miandrivazo Airport, ZVA
Morafenobe, Morafenobe Airport, TVA
Morombe, Morombe Airport, MXM

Morondava, Morondava Airport, MOQ
Nosy Be, Fascene Airport, NOS
Port Bergé, Port Bergé Airport, WPB
Sainte-Marie, Sainte Marie Airport, SMS

Sambava, Sambava Airport, SVB
Soalala, Soalala Airport, DWB
Tambohorano, Tambohorano Airport, WTA
Tanandava, Samangoky Airport, TDV

Toamasina, Toamasina Airport, TMM
Tôlanaro, Tôlanaro Airport, FTU
Toliara, Toliara Airport, TLE
Tsaratanana, Tsaratanana Airport, TTS

Tsiroanomandidy, Tsiroanomandidy Airport, WTS
Vangaindrano, Vangaindrano Airport
Vatomandry, Vatomandry Airport, VAT
Vohemar, Vohemar Airport, VOH