The 2018 Maksaira Festival scheduled to colossal seafood roasting

The 2018 Maksaira Festival will take place at Wai Ipa Beach to Bajo Beach at Sula Islands Regency or Kabupaten Kepulauan Sula, North Maluku Province, Indonesia on Sunday, April 15, 2018. Events include grouper fishing race, colossal seafood roasting by 3,000 people and presenting various marine attractions as a local culture.

"This year is the third of the Maksaira Festival and we will involve about 3,000 people who will cook grouper," said Sula Island Regent Hendrata Thes in a conference on Monday.

Xvlor The 2018 Maksaira Festival scheduled to colossal seafood roasting

This year's festival has a fish-baking event, colossal along the 15 kilometers and fishing activities are local culture in the Sula Islands. Several beaches include Baleha Beach, Fatkauyon Beach, Waisum Beach, Wai Ipa Beach, Mangoli Beach and Tiger Bay Beach.

Travelers also visit Capalulu Strait, Pagama Island, Kitten Island, Lake Kabau, Wailau Waterfall, Waitina Waterfall, De Verwachting Alting Fort, Santosa Water, Fatfina Koa, Javanese Imam's grave site, and Tanjung Mata Aya Bo Fat Tina .

The Sula Islands are located in the North Maluku Province where travelers take flights to Sultan Babullah International Airport in Ternate City or Pattimura International Airport in Ambon City, then to the Sula Islands using small aircraft to Emalamo Airstrip for 1 hour or use the boat for 10 hours.