Asmat Cultural Festival

Asmat Cultural Festival is an annual event for the legendary carving of Asmat Tribe held at Yos Sudarso Square in Agats City, Asmat Regency, Papua Province, Indionesia. Cultural festivals include woodcarving exhibitions and auctions presented by hundreds of artisans and artists who will showcase their outstanding skills in sculpting, weaving, boating, various dances and traditional music performances.

Located in Papua Province, the Asmat community is well known for its rituals and natural talents to make carvings on wood without any sketches. These high-value fine carvings are connected with ancestral spirits in a very distinctive style that has been the concern of anthropologists and fills in the auction events, exhibitions and museums of the world.

Xvlor Asmat Cultural Festival Asmat Cultural Festival

The Asmat population is divided into those who live on the coast and those who live in the interior of the rainforest. These two populations differ from one another in terms of dialect, way of life, social structure and ritual. The coastal population is further divided into two parts as the Bisman sub-tribe between the Sinesty River and the Simai sub-tribe.

Asmat Tribe is the name of a tribe largest and most famous among the many tribes in Papua where a very distinctive wood carving has ornaments themed ancestors commonly called mbis. Another ornament that often appears is wooden boats or wuramon which they believe as a symbol of a vehicle for the spirits who bring their ancestors in the realm of death.

Asmat Cultural Festival as a media of cultural expression of the famous Asmat Tribe in Papua has always been a concern on the easternmost island of Indonesia is usually held every June. Hundreds of engravers will show off their legendary skills in creating wooden artwork that has been passed down by the ancestors.

The festival dates back to 1980 when the missionaries held drawing and carving competitions for school students. The remarkable response that eventually popularized the local culture into the world's attention. In the late 1990s, an annual cultural festival began and Yos Sudarso Square allowed a wider place to accommodate all activities.

The Asmat region became the world spotlight when in 1961 Michael Rockefeller, son of New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller disappeared here on his second expedition. Michael was very impressed with the Asmat statue in his first visit and intends to display this stunning artwork at an exhibition in the United States.

The festival also gathers traditional weavers and musicians, wooden clothing, and boat races from tree logs along the Syirets River. The Asmat tribe in Asmat District located in the southern part of Papua and facing the Arafuru Sea gained UNESCO recognition as a World Heritage site in February 2011.

Location: Agats town, Asmat Regency, Papua Province, Indonesia.

Schedule: Around June.

Routes and public transport: Flight to Mozes Kilangin International Airport in Timika City, then proceed with a smaller plane to Ewer Airport, then take a speed boat to Agats town.

The flight from Jakarta or Denpasar to Mozes Kilangin International Airport in Timika is served by Garuda Indonesia, while the flight from Timika to Ewer Airport is served by Susi Air and Spirit Avia Sentosa (SAS). From Ewer to Agats town by renting speed biat.

Advice: The city of Agats is the administrative center and the gateway to the magic of Asmat Regency. The city is in the estuary of the Asmat River, Umir River and Pomats River overlooking the Arafuru Sea and has a stretch of rain forest and beautiful beaches. Asmat Cultural Festival

Xvlor Asmat Cultural Festival

At least 70,000 Asmat people in Indonesia today. The Asmat community lives in villages where every village usually has 100 to 1000 people. Each village has a Bujang house and a family home or called Jeu.

Bujang house is used to hold rituals, traditional and religious ceremonies, while the family house is 25 meters in length and is inhabited by two to three families that have their own bathroom and kitchen. Some Asmat people in the jungle interior build houses on trees.

The Asmat community is Catholic, Protestant, and Animism with the practice of natural balance and worship of the spirit of the dead. Sago caterpillars become an important part of their rituals. Each organized ritual requires a lot of caterpillars for delicious cuisine.

The great ceremony involves the whole village community which is always associated with the ancestor's spirit of honor including Mbismbu (pole-making), Yentpokmbu (making and inauguration of Bujang house), Tsyimbu (making and inauguration of dimple boat), Yamasy pokumbu (shield ceremony) and Mbipokumbu (mask ceremony).

They believe everyone before entering heaven, the soul of the deceased will disturb the human. Disorders can be disease, disaster, even war. To save people and help the spirits, those who still live make sculptures and staged parties including feast busts (Bioskokombi), masquerade parties, wooden boat parties, and sago worm parties.

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