Tentena is a small town of 82.49 sq kilometer and has a population of 11,233 people on the edge of Lake Poso and Poso River estuary in Poso Regency, Central Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. The city at an altitude of 680 meters above sea level is the holding site of the Lake Poso Festival which is held every year around August-November since 1991.

Tentena is the capital of North Pamona Sub-district and is located next to Lake Poso as the third largest lake in Indonesia. The city became one of the tourist stops exploring the mainland of Sulawesi Island between North Toraja and Tana Toraja to Lore Lindu National Park, Togean National Park to Bunaken National Park in the north end.

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The city is surrounded by clover-covered hills, has a sense of peace, and is a very manageable small town. It has some good places to stay, a traditional market, and some nature to explore. The restaurant is established along the Poso River to serve a variety of freshwater fish dishes harvested from Lake Poso.

Location: Tentena Town, Poso Regency, Central Sulawesi Province, Indonesia.

Routes and public transport: Flights to Kasiguncu Airport in Poso City, then travel overland to Tentena for 56 kilometers.

Advice: Tentena is a favorite place for tourists and backpackers to admire Lake Poso and stop on the way to explore the mainland of Sulawesi Island. It is easily accessible via Trans Sulawesi road from the southern tip to the northern tip of Sulawesi Island.

The town is accessible by land including:

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Saluopa Waterfall in Tonusu Village as far as 12 kilometers (1 hour) west of Tentena is 25 meters high and falls through 12 rock levels ending in a small river. At each level there are stone stairs that are useful for tourists to access to the waterfall level. Travelers who visit here often refer to as the best waterfall in Indonesia.

The Lake Poso Festival is an annual party event that hosts a traditional dance performance called Moende, a marathon race on the coast of Lake Poso for a distance of 42 kilometers, volleyball competitions, boat races at Lake Poso, culinary festivals and choosing Miss Lake Poso.

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