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The Republic of the Congo or the Congo-Brazzaville or the Congo Republic or Congo only is a 342,000 sq kilometer (132,000 sq mi) country in central Africa dominated by Bantu-speaking tribes, Congo, Sangha, Teke, M'Bochi, Europeans and others who build a trading network that leads to the Congo River valley.

Bantu-speaking peoples who founded tribes during the expansion of Bantu largely evacuated and absorbed the earliest inhabitants of the region, the Pygmies, about 1500 BC. Bakongo is a Bantu ethnic group forming the basis for ethnic proximity and some Bantu kingdoms mainly from Congo, Loango and Teke.

The Congo lies along the equator has short beaches in the Atlantic Ocean, the Congo River and the Kouilou-Niar River, the central plateau between the two basins to the south and the north has formed an important rainforest ecosystem within the Congolese culture.

The vast landscapes stretching from the savanna plain in North Niari, flood the forest to the rugged mountains and Mayombe forest includes 170 kilometers of beach along the Atlantic coast. The presence of various ethnic groups and various political structures provides a great deal of diversity in traditional culture as well as in many ancient artistic expressions.



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